Head Light article 
How to define what 'good' looks like

The recurring theme when talking with HR decision-makers is how to establish a common understanding, and way, of defining what ‘Good’ looks like for key roles in an organisation.

Everyone asked has a different opinion, and judges it differently - and the problem is not being able to describe what good looks like in a consistent way impacts the business across objective setting, recruiting, promoting and managing performance. 

This article explores the tools and methods available to HR decision-makers and how relevant each is. It considers the different methods available and the characteristics of the most tools we can use. 

  • Job descriptions
  • Person specification
  • Values
  • CVs and references
  • Qualifications
  • Policy/Process/Procedure
  • Interviews
  • Appraisal data
  • 360 degree review data
  • Psychometric test results
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Opinion