Head Light Good Practice Guide for using 360 degree feedback 

The complete Good Practice Guide to using 360 degree feedback supports you as you start out with 360 in your organisation through the implementation, assessment design and review, to the facilitated feedback session and taking action.

This initial section will give you an overview of the Guide and take you through the initial phases of getting buy-in within the organisation.

You can then, should you wish, choose to request the complete Guide which includes: 

  • Understanding what 360 degree feedback is all about and the benefits it can bring your organisation. 
  • What to consider when looking to implement a 360 degree feedback programme
  • Getting started with 360 
  • Designing the 360 assessment
  • Preparing the participants, reviewers and line managers
  • Managing the programme, ensuring quality of feedback and improving response rates
  • Preparing for the facilitated feedback session 
  • Managing the facilitated feedback session
  • Taking the next steps and creating a meaningful development plan