Head Light resource 
The Performance Management Guide

A resource to help you support your managers and employees have better, more effective Performance conversations

The Performance Management Guide looks at the different elements and aspects of performance management to help HR business partners and leaders of organisations focus their employees on performance improvement, rather than just performance management.

The Guide is separated into 9 videos with the link to the first introductory video section below. 

  • Section 1 asks What is Performance?
  • Section 2 looks at clarifying and making expectations clear
  • Section 3 considers Career and Succession Planning
  • Section 4 looks at setting development objectives alongside business objectives
  • Section 5 deals with collecting and collating evidence
  • Section 6 discusses how to make an assessment fair
  • Section 7 looks at the importance of setting regular review meetings
  • Section 8 suggests how to make performance reviews part of everyday practice

Take a look at the first video and, to receive the other sections, simply enter your details in the form.

Video - An introduction to Head Light's  Performance Management Guide