Driving cultural change with performance management

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Driving Cultural Change through
Performance Management 

If you are looking to change your organisational culture to be one of greater ownership and self-sufficiency, then the way in which you empower your employees to work towards, monitor and review their own progress towards their goals will both support and reflect this. 

But how do you get started with this?

Our free e-book guides you through:

  • why Performance Management is so important to the culture of an organisation.
  • how to benchmark where your organisation is right now by taking your through an auditing exercise.
  • some simple actions that you can take which will help shift the perception of performance review.
  • the 9 core essentials that you need in place if you're changing towards a more agile and continuous approach to performance management.
  • how to tell if your performance management approach is working - and a new culture of feedback and openness is actually in place. 

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