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The Good Practice Guide to Embed
Continuous Performance Management 

The Professional Development Review or the Performance Development Review (PDR) process is a fundamental part of managing objective achievement, readiness for promotion and action taking from development plans within an organisation. Indeed, it acts as an indicator of the health of development within an organisation.

In conjunction with the Talent® User Group, Head Light has brought together the experiences, tips and learning of what works and what doesn’t, into a good practice guide. The Guide details not just the design and development of firm-wide continuous performance management, but also the fundamental aspects of how to achieve on-going engagement and gain real value from the investment in such activity.

However, it takes more than one set of processes to appreciate the real benefits of PDR. Good practice requires investment in focused activity to encourage engagement and in a relevant and easy-to-use supporting software system.

Although this Guide is rooted in practical application, this is not a definitive guide. Instead, it is a set of suggested levers to pull to encourage engagement as well as offering valuable information and suggestions which will, no doubt, be refined, adapted and amended as working practices develop around PDR.

The Good Practice Guide to Embed Continuous Performance Management covers the following subject areas:

  • Building A Framework for PDR Engagement
  • Articulating Clarity from the Start
  • Practical Ways to Involve and Engage
  • Identify and source Software that Delivers
  • How to Customise and Individualise
  • Key tips on the Roll-out and then the Roll-on
  • What to Train, Learn and Support
  • How Monitor and Manage

Each section offers expert guidance and resources to enable your success!

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