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The Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning

Succession Planning is essential to ensuring effective leadership and service delivery within every organisation, yet so few organisations ensure that they are approaching this for maximum benefit. 

What are the core components of a succession plan, how are they validated and how can you can ensure your leadership, management and key roles are future-proof?

The Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning will be your resource to:

  • Understand the essential and yet tricky succession planning questions you will need to answer.
  • Signpost the main activities within a succession planning process.
  • Help you get started by suggesting how to identify the critical roles.
  • Include the 'employee voice' to ensure your plans are grounded with the aspirations of potential successors.
  • Defining how Talent Reviews can become more effective - by paying attention to 4 key areas
  • See how to mitigate bias in Talent Reviews
  • How to go about choosing the right software to support you.

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